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Chineham Conservation Group

Chineham conservation group provide the vital local contribution to managing areas of woodland , stream and water meadow within the parish of Chineham which are so important and rich with wildlife that they have been  designated Local Nature Reserves.  You may know them as Guinea Copse, Long Copse , Sorrels Copse and Tollhouse meadow and copse

Cliddesden Community Conservation Group

Separated  from Basingstoke’s main urban area by the M3, Cliddesden is a beautiful spot, full of bustling wildlife, peaceful wooded walks, rolling fields and cosy hedgerows – and it’s up to us to keep it that way! That’s why 3CG gets involved in all aspects of nature in and around our village.

Friends Of Stratton Park

If you live in Kempshott, South Ham or Buckskin this is YOUR neighborhood park providing a range of sporting and outdoor leisure facilities and community services.

Originally created in the 1970s this is a green space in constant use – but in need of some attention to ensure that the nature and wildlife spaces are managed as well as possible and the amenity areas are rich with colour and interest.

It’s up to local residents to ensure the park delivers its potential for everyone. What the Friends group are working towards and what we think the park should offer is on our website – what do you think?

Kempshott Conservation Group

Kempshott conservation group look after following three areas;

  • Down Grange Meadow

Our largest site of around 16 acres, with a mix of mature woodland, recent hardwood plantations and an ex-arable field seeded with grass in the early 70’s. This now supports wild flowers and grasses and a haven for insects, moths and 26 species of butterflies not always found in gardens, to name but two. Despite being almost entirely surrounded by housing, the meadow supports a good population of mammals, both top predators and prey. It also has rare, fungi, amphibians and nesting birds. The Meadow is often visited by buzzards, red kites and sparrow hawks.

  • The Old Orchard in Kendal Gardens

A small fragment (6 acres) of the smallholdings that thrived from the 1900’s to the 1960’s. It is now home to a new community orchard, first established in 2006, which is now literally bearing fruit. The group distributes any surplus produce to local residents.

  • The Old Hedgerow

A 200 yard stretch of over-mature hedgerow that dates from the enclosure in the late 1700’s. Our main focus is to ensure a succession of trees and shrubs are maintained. A number of the hawthorns, often covered in ivy, are now so old that they are falling prey to gales. The hedgerow is a major source of native Elm that routinely falls prey to Dutch Elm disease as they mature, but we are now planting disease resistant stock to maintain succession.

While now covered in housing, this area prior to enclosure was wind swept grassland of sheep walks, small farms and stands of beeches. A few remnants of that time survive in our midst – it would be a pity if we were to loose them entirely through neglect or mis-management.

Mill Field Conservation Group

Once agricultural land, this site is now managed for wildlife by the Mill Field Conservation Group.

Various species of flora and fauna can be found on the site, including Bee Orchids, Little Egret, and Roe Deer. With its many informal paths, the Mill Field Local Nature Reserve is a great place to watch wildlife throughout the year.

Oakley Woodland Group

Oakley Woodlands group (OWG) was formed in 1997 with the support of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and the Hampshire Wildlife Trust to manage Cowdown Copse and St. Johns Copse, genuine examples of semi ancient managed English woodlands. OWG members are all unpaid volunteers from the community who practice and perpetuate a range of woodland skills and practices.

Old Down & Beggarwood Wildlife Group

Once agricultural land, this 24 acre site of recently planted woodland and open grassland with wonderful views is managed for the benefit of local people and wildlife.

Our aims include improving wildflower and wildlife diversity and raising awareness and understanding of wildlife and how to enjoy it.

After more than 7 years of work on the sites some areas of this green space are of LNR quality but all of it is a haven for wildlife and people.

Overton Biodiversity Society

The main aim of the Overton Biodiversity Society is to raise awareness of the exciting range of wildlife to be found in our area and to encourage community involvement in looking after it.

We have an active programme of wildlife themed events and also help Overton Parish Council to maintain Little Meadow as a wildlife area for all to enjoy.

Popley Conservation Volunteers

Popley Ponds is the name given to a former chalk quarry located on the northern edge of Basingstoke. Today the site is colonised by an interesting range of trees and plants, which are home to a wide collection of creatures including an outstanding range of amphibians. To protect them and their environment the Ponds are designated an LNR ( Local Nature Reserve) and the conservation area has been extended northwards towards Basing Woods

Southview Conservation Group

The South View Conservation Group’s aim is to maintain the Holy Ghost Cemetery, which is a hidden treasure of 1.2 hectares of tranquil green space at the heart of modern Basingstoke.

The Holy Ghost Cemetery is rich in urban history, being the town’s graveyard from 1208 until it was full in about 1912 and contains the Grade II listed ruins of two chapels – the west wall of the 13th century chapel of the Holy Ghost and the tower and arched windows of the early 16th century chapel of the Holy Trinity, as well as being a rich wildlife area.

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