Guide to Habitat Types

Notes and Reference Material
The green spaces on which Natural Basingstoke members operate can be categorised as consisting of one or more of four habitat types.

Our accumulated notes and reference material for each of categories are held in the subsections that follow. The intention is that these can be consulted for basic ecological characteristics and observations on management of these habitats, member groups’ experience, suggestions, etc.

  • Woodland – 4 subcategories detailed here:   Woodland
  • Grassland- 3 subcategories detailed here: Grassland
  • Wetland – 3 subcategories detailed here: Wetland
  • Modern Wood-pasture & Parkland    Parkland

The three other main habitat categories which we do not need to concern ourselves with are coastal, lowland heath (although there is some in the north of the borough) and upland.

Notes from individual groups on the development of their sites and projects they have undertaken are very much welcomed.

If you are searching for advice and  information on any  Habitat Management issues you could consult the JNCC ( Joint  Nature Conservation Committee) website which  contains a wealth of information and includes a search engine designed for people who want to find out how best to manage habitats in the UK for biodiversity and conservation

‘JNCC Habitat Management on the Web’

It is similar to a standard internet search, but it only searches web pages which have been pre-selected to take you to the most useful sources.  It will not completely exclude irrelevant ‘hits’, but we hope it will guide you more quickly to the best management guidance.  It only finds information which has been published on-line – papers and books are not covered.

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