There are many woodland habitat types. Within Basingstoke sites there are

  • Lowland mixed deciduous wood
  • Lowland Beech & Ash wood
  • Wet woodland (carr)
  • Scrub
  • Hedgerow

Each of these habitat types has its own  ecological characteristics and management  techniques. There  is ample advice available which describes each and suggests  management regimes.

Managing any woodland habitat for biodiversity presents a voluntary group with challenges:

  • an overlay of woodland management intervention for public health and safety
  • considerations because of the high level of public access,
  • limited availability of equipment and resource,
  • in some cases a significant backlog of habitat management action from the past.

Our knowledge bank  from courses attended and first hand experience is  provided below.

Woodland management-

Hedgerow Management –

Scrub –


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