Jubiloaks is a voluntary association of members formed in 2012 to plant and maintain a Jubilee Wood in Oakley to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II; to plant and maintain native woods, trees, hedgerows, meadows and wildflowers and to inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees. We also look after the multi-user pathway running west to east from Oakley to Kempshott which opened in 2011.

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We have not yet got a site for a Jubilee Wood but we have found other roles: emulating the aims of The Woodland Trust by working with others to plant more native trees, to protect woods, trees and their wildlife for the future, in exploring other opportunities for green space improvements in and around Oakley, and in promoting and in looking after the multi-user pathway running west to east from Oakley to Kempshott which opened in 2011. At St John’s in Oakley the pathway runs along the chalk-heaps formed from the spoil excavated from the adjacent railway cutting in the 1850s on which a thin belt of woodland has grown. This is a valuable habitat that allows the rare flora of Wells Copse (which is ancient woodland) to spread onto the chalk-heaps. The pathway passes through Well’s Copse which is oak and hazel where the ground is carpeted by wild-flowers in the Spring. Further east the pathway crosses Battledown where we have planted a 600 metre-long ‘wildlife’ hedgerow. The pathway can be reached here by the farm road opposite the car park east of the railway bridges on Pack Lane. The easternmost section of the pathway lies on the field side of the hedgerow beside Pack Lane.
Working Parties
We have morning working-parties fortnightly on revolving days of the week which can be obtained from David Flint (Chairman) email davidaflint@btinternet.com or telephone 01256 781413. New members of Jubiloaks are always welcome and no subscription is payable.


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