Kempshott Conservation Group

This community based voluntary group was formed in 2006 and manages three sites in Kempshott:

Down Grange Meadow

Our largest site of around 16 acres, with a mix of mature woodland, recent hardwood plantations and an ex-arable meadow, all created in the 1970s. This now supports wild flowers and grasses and is a haven for insects, moths and 27 species of butterfly. Despite being almost entirely surrounded by housing, the meadow supports a good population of mammals, both top predators and prey. It also has rare fungi, amphibians and nesting birds. The Meadow is often visited by buzzards, red kites and sparrow hawks.

The Old Orchard in Kendal Gardens

A small fragment (6 acres) of the smallholdings that thrived from the 1900’s to the 1960’s. It is now home to a new community orchard, first established in 2006, which is now literally bearing fruit. The group has the assistance of local Scouts to  manage the site and make good use of the fruit!

The Old Hedgerow

A 200 yard stretch of over-mature hedgerow that dates from the 19th century. Our main focus is to ensure a succession of trees and shrubs are maintained. A number of the hawthorns, often covered in ivy, are now so old that they are falling prey to gales. The hedgerow is a major source of native Elm that routinely falls prey to Dutch Elm disease as they mature, but we are now planting disease resistant stock to maintain succession.

Here is a hint of what we have on our sites…


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