Jubiloaks members are a group of friendly local residents working across Oakley & Deane, with the aim of planting trees; protecting the woodland and wildlife for the future; and encouraging everyone to enjoy and value woods, trees and wildflowers.

Jubiloaks is a voluntary association of members with a Constitution, formed in May 2012, initially managing the multi-user path from Oakley to Kempshott where 3000 tree whips have been planted to form a wildlife hedgerow, interspersed with wild cherry and rowan trees, and are growing apace.

The Oakley to Wells Copse “chalk-heaps” are being cleared of diseased branches or where several trees are competing for space.  The deadwood is stacked ready for chipping in the Winter by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council; with the chippings used to surface the access path snaking through the bottom of the chalk-heaps.

This area has been improved with plantings of native wild flower bulbs and plants – we have held community planting events usually in September for 5 years.  This event is very popular with local children including Cubs working towards their Community Badges.

After consultation with experts, we have put up 2 owl boxes by Wells Copse and 10 small bird nesting boxes through the Long Break section.  Evidence shows that all of the small boxes were used in the first year.

We have planted hedgerow whips for the parish council in Beech Park and Peter Houseman.  We also work with the North Hampshire Countryside Access Team and welcome help with the bigger jobs from people completing their Community Payback hours.

Subsequently we also work with the parish council planting and maintaining hedgerows/trees in play parks and sports grounds in the village. Following a survey the Long Break section of the multi-user site was designated as a SINC due to evidence of dormice. We notify the councils of any major tree issues and work with the rangers to coppice the overgrown hazel in Long Break. The path has a wide range of wild flowers including the uncommon White Helleborine.

Our website linked below has up to date info on work party locations, but the group meets all through year on 2nd Wednesday at 10am; 3rd Wednesday at 1.30pm and last Saturday at 10am – usually for 2 hours at various Oakley sites.

We’re a friendly group welcoming new members through the year – contact us for information about next meet. Young people welcome, accompanied by a responsible adult; and also students working to a future in conservation.

Contact Us:

E-mail: jubiloaks@btinternet.com

Website: www.jubiloaks.org.uk