Silvermead Hedgerow Group

The Silvemead Hedgerow Conservancy is the name given to the strip of land owned by BDBC between the Rainham Close and Gracemere Crescent properties backing onto (in the North on the Silvermead estate) and the Pintail Close and Redwing properties backing onto it in the South on Gabriel Park estate; Kempshott Lane in the West and the amenity triangular green bounded by the two Woodmere Crescent properties backing onto the in the East.

The land is divided by a 100 year hedgerow, which BDBC Planning designated as being retained when the Gabriel Park estate was built. The area to the South of the hedgerow was subsequently planted with trees and supports a wild life area for birds and small mammals. The area to the North of the hedgerow and the green continues to be designated as communal/amenity land. The hedgerow to the east backing onto the green has been lost due to lack of maintenance. However the divide between the amenity and wild life conservancy area has been recovered.
The grass amenity areas are mowed BDBC.

Our aims are:
1) Secure the re-establishment of the hedgerow so that it can once again contribute as a corridor for wildlife between the rural and urban areas
2) Balance the increased biodiversity and amenity of the area through site management
3) Maintain and allow access to the amenity area to the north of the hedgerow and maintain the footpath from Kempshott Lane in the east to the west of the triangular green.
Our actions involve:
1) Pruning the hedgerow annually so as to maintain a regular height and shape, promote growth and prevent overgrowth and loss of shape
2) Implementing a 6 year coppicing cycle to the biodiversity area to the south of the hedgerow to ensure that the trees do not grow taller than roof level of local housing
3) Reducing the bramble in the biodiversity area so that it does not dominate the trees and provides a balance for wildlife
4) Disposing of the scrub by creating and layering in dead hedges
5) Replanting in the biodiversity area, at a lower density with smaller, native British trees to encourage wildlife, the choice of species and tree planting and management to ensure an open canopy and no adverse shading of either the adjoining hedge or properties

Meeting Monday mornings: from 9:30 onwards to 12 noon.